Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Favourite Skatebrand!

My favourite skatebrand is by far the one and only Element! Element was established in 1992 by Johnny Schilleriff. Element is a surf and skate shop that sales a variety of different things. From caps to skateboard bolts Element has it all. There are many outlets around the world but the one in New York City, USA has been named the best one of all times by a variety of newspapers worldwide. They sponsor many famous skaters chiefly Bam Margera and Chad Muska. I will post more on this brand but have to go now so bye.

Catch ya on the kickflip side

Element Master

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Aisling Symes

Aisling Symes was found on the 12 of October 2009 at roughly 8pm. A body of a young child was found in a storm water drain near where she went missing. The police spent 5 hours trying to dig out dirt and logs from the train to get the body. The area is still being treated as a crime scene. The police thoughts are she either wandered off and fell in the drain or someone threw her in there. I am feeling deeply sorry for Aisling's family that they have lost there child at such a young age. Madeline Mccann parents have wished the best of luck for the future of the Symes family as we all should. she will be dearly missed by all who knew her! =) Thanks for reading and leave a comment of remembrance for this young girl. Thank you

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What I would like to do in 10 years

10 years from now I would like to be a professional runner. I would have hopefully got a scholarship to an American university on a Running Scholarship and be an accomplished runner as well as having a degree in Law (Criminal Law) and having learnt Spanish and Latin. I would be going to the 2020 Olympic 1500 metre championships. By the time I would retire from running my Law career would then be boosted into action. I would be a very successful lawyer and hopefully I would have enough money to retire at about 40. Man that would be sweet. If this did not work out I would be a homeless comedian!

Catch Ya

Road Runner

P.S I would also like to be a great soccer player and go to the Qatar 2022 world cup!That is if my other careers do not work out LOL

Just Plain Running

In the holidays I did quite a lot of running. Training as well as races! On the first Saturday of the holidays I ran in the North Island Cross Country Championships and picked up 14th in the U-14 3km race. Only 1 year 8 pupil was ahead of me in this race and that was Jacob Priddey in 9th. Everyone else ahead of me was either year 9 or 10 and they achieved placing from 5th to 15th in the NZSSXC (New Zealand Secondary Schools Cross Country) so it was quite a good one considering age and growth difference and how hard the course was! In the second Saturday of the Holidays I was down in Napier competing in the Poverty Bay championship U-14 4km event which I picked up a decent placing FIRST! I won that event by 16 seconds over a kid who was 8th at North Island Champs! I then came home to Hamilton to compete in WBOP (Waikato Bay Of Plenty) Cross Country Championships. I Ran superb picking up 3rd and only losing to second by half a second! So overall I have had a superb action packed sporty holiday!
Cheers for reading.

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Road Runner (Meep Meep)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Let's Sort this out

There has been a bit of discussion on war on the Woodmonsta's page but just to let you know Stalin did kill many of his men by making them endure winters reaching minus 40 degrees. On the road to Stalingrad he lost more than 1.1 million men but he did basically kill the whole German 6th Army and many Hungarian and Italian Infantry forces and foot soldiers. Sometimes the German's and Russian's occupied the different levels of the same building and anyone silly enough to raise there head was likely to be killed in a crossfire or sniper fire. To be honest Stalin lost 20 million men throughout WW2 (World War Two 1939-1945) and that's 3 times as many innocent Jew's as Hitler gassed in the notorious Death Camps plus an extra 2 million people. These stats are without the civilians added in as well if you are wondering. Why did Hitler do what he did? Because he was mad with power and hatred that's why. Whilst in prison in 1924 for trying to seize ultimate power in Germany, he wrote his story Mein Kampf (Translation My Struggle) which explained what he wanted to achieve if he got power in Germany and using the SS (Schutzstaffel) which means protective squadron and The SA (Sturmabteilung) which means storm trooper he did exactly that and seized sole power in Germany. He then humiliated and bet up Jewish people through out Germany before the SS began running the POW (Prisoner Of War) camps for Jews, Roma (Gypsies), Disabled, Black People and Jehovah's witnesses not to mention countless enemy soldier that were captured. Out of the 48 POW camps only 4 were fitted with the foul Gas Chambers Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka, Sobibor and Majandek. Chelmno was the only death camp to use the dreaded gas vans. Most POW camps were known as Stalag's which were for both Officers and enlisted men. Oflags were for Officers only as there was a greater bargain for there lives. Before any soldier was placed in a camp they had to go through a Dulag. Now according to the Geneva Convention (1929) Prisoners only had to give there Name, Rank and Serial Number but the German's used trickery to gain more than this like vital War Movements and dates and other strategies that they could use against enemies to win the war. Out of the 16 odd camps there were only about 4 or 5 death camps but the main one was Auschwitz where about 1.1 million people were killed of the 650,000 registered prisoners only 65,000 survived and the Jewish population of 8 million in Europe dropped to 2 million after the war. According to the Geneva Convention (1929) POW'S where to be clothed, fed and have a place indoors to sleep. But all many POW'S got was a small amount of porridge watered down so that was hardly filling and if you were caught sharing food you were killed. Which is why many people tried to escape the camps by Tunneling, Climbing or disguising themselves. Each camp was surrounded by Electric bard wire fencing 4 metres high with an overhang and a watchtower armed with one man and a machine gun and a huge spotlight. Only roughly 2000 POW'S ever escaped.

For more information leave a comment and i will try to help you out!

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P.S would put more labels but it only lets me have 20 =(

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Work I am intrested in....

These are some of the topics I would like to study next term:

World war 1
World war 2
Species of animals
Medieval ages
How sport originated

There are more but I am having a brain blank right now so I may post more later.

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Road Runner

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cool Thing

Yay My first post with that reaction thing under it LOL

Saturday, June 20, 2009

He is Back

Yaya Mr Webb let me back in the first eleven I am so happy and he said i had a good practice yesterday but I cant play this weekend because i made a commitment to the second eleven and Next Week i have the North Island Cross Country Champs in Taupo so no soccer that day =(. But still i am happy because i am BACK!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nick Willis

This guy is the man!!! Nick Willis is a 1500mtr runner from our little country New Zealand! He got a bronze in Beijing in 2008 in the 1500m final of the olympics. He also got a gold in the commonwealth games in 2006. I have met him once and that was at Porritt Stadium he was an intresting character and really nice to all the kids. He signed a poster for me and he judged the 400mtr race which i won by about 30mtrs.
So now you cant tell me that I have not met my hero! So out of this expierence all I can say is look out Nick Willis becasue Marek is on his way up!

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Road Runner

Spain-5 Vs New Zealand-0

On the 15th of June 2009 New Zealand played Spain in Johannessburg, South Africa.
A Good spain side well infact one of the strongest in years set out to destroy a weak New Zealand side. New Zealand was without the Blackburn captain Ryan Nelsen so they were really dead in this match. Fernando Torres the best striker in the world had a stunning match picking up his first goal in the 6th minute from there New Zealand were looking quite poor. Fernando Torres picked up his second in the 14th minute and it was bassically a tap in for someone as good as him! In the 17th Minute Torres got a fabulous header in the top corner and New Zealand's keeper Glen Moss was distraught!
In the 24th minute Francesc Fabregas was set up with the easiest goal of his career a tap into an open goal! From there New Zealand looked doomed! 3 minutes into extra time in the first half saw David Villa slot one away after one of New Zealand's defenders went to kick it but missed it completly.That made the half time score 5-0 to spain. A stronger second half from New Zealand saw Spain score no more goals. But the thing they score was loads of free kicks from New Zealands desperate defence. The Final score was 5-0 to spain!

Goal Sheet
Goals : Spain - Fernando Torres 6, Fernando Torres 14, Fernando Torres 17, Cesc Fabregas 24, David Villa 48

Friday, June 12, 2009

Cool Signature

Here is a quick one of Road Runner

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fairfield-1 Peachgrove-1

Today (6/6/09) Fairfield played Peachgrove at Peachgrove a good strong start saw Peachgrove under constant pressure and by doing this they started to play silly balls. Soon into the game Marek was gifted with an opportunity to score but just put it wide. Not soon after Luke played Marek in and Marek back heeled it to Ruben who then scored a pretty sweet goal! Peachgrove then replied well putting Fairfield under constant pressure and by doing this we made too many mistakes! James gave us a bit of hope just putting the ball wide and we were denied by the woodwork 3 times. Peachgrove picked it up again and put one past us well just past Lance actually but he still played mean. Some desperate efforts from Fairfield saw us have like 20 chances in the last 3 minutes but a draw was the final result. Great game from both sides!!!

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Micheal Carrick 4 life

Friday, June 5, 2009

50th Post

My fiftieth post on Blogger w0000t a big 50 to me I am going to throw a party in my head LOL yayayayayayaya

Class Camping Expierence

Since we are not going on the ski trip anymore (Which kinda sucks especially for Bobby dogs) I had the shizzle my nizzle idea of going on a class camp!!! Just think of it we could learn about the outdoors, sleep in tents, go hiking, go fishing and be outside all day!!! I guess it is not as great as skiing for some people but it is better than a week at school isn't it? We could eat marshmallows over the campfire and tell great stories like our ancestors!!! We could find a clearing and improvise playing bull rush, rugby, soccer and netball or bench ball. Would it not be divine? It also would help the more unfit and indoor kind of children in our class boost there outdoor morale!!! It would be sweet and help show us how many kids have to live everyday and help us with living sustainably for our Matai island work. Ms McConnell could come and about 5 parents to help out but without your interest this is not possible so please vote in my poll!!!

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Micheal Carrick

Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Lamborghini

Lamborghini just brought out a new car. It is called the Lamborghini Reventon and man is it hot! (not in that way) Take a look at the signature I made for it

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Micheal Carrick 4 Life

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Room 18 VS Room 2

On Friday (29/5/09) Room 18 played a kind of strong Room 2 side. After a good start Room 18 let them self down with some sloppy defence (If you guys want to complain feel free to I do not care). Some biased referring saw Marek get sent of (that is Me GRRR). Some more pretty average defence saw Room 2 score a great goal the biggest let down there was the defence and Mac (Our Keeper) was left with no chance! A good talk from Mac at half time saw Room 18 start to play as a team! Ben Shepperd scored a great goal soon after. Micaela saved the day as Raheem (A Room 2 kid) was left with and open goal to shoot at and she cleared it away! Some Great keeping from both sides saw the final score at 1-1. Good (I mean OK) game guys lift it next time!

If you have a complaint let me shoot you then see if you still do!

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Micheal Carrick 4 Life


This is not my one I just did this to annoy all the greenies out there LOL

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Micheal Carrick 4 Life

If Only...

If only you could run like this:

If only you could shoot like this:

If Only...

I have more but cant be bothered put them up but what if..... I did

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Micheal Carrick 4 life

Best 2km Ever

Today (30/5/09) Me and my mate Jacob did a race at the lake domain. We usually do 3km but so many little kids were running they shortened it to 2km. David Nyika finished 1st and me and Jacob finished a close 2nd and 3rd. I got 3rd which i was a little annoyed at but i killed my previous PB (Personal Best) By about 15 seconds so overall it was a good day. I hope for a good running season and to all of you out there go hard at your school cross country's because that is where the Pro's start!

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Micheal Carrick 4 life

Friday, May 29, 2009

Nike 4 Life

Look at the man Nike ticks I made

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Micheal Carrick 4 life

Thursday, May 28, 2009

We have new CHAMPIONS

Today (28/5/09) Man United played Barcelona somewhere in Italy. A flaring first 10 minutes saw Barcelona under constant pressure but the some sloppy defending from Nedjema Vidic saw Samuel eto'o score quite a good finish. The rest of the first half saw Man United with there head's down but still the score remained 1-0 to Barcelona. In the 70th minute Barcelona's best player (In my opinion) Andres Inestia put a lovely cross in which Messi scored a stunning finish! Sir Alex Ferguson was gong nuts! LOL!
Great game and Well Done BARCELONA the new Champions

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fairfield-3 Matamata-1

On the 23rd of May 2009 Fairfield First Eleven played Matamata at Fairfield. After a pretty rubbish first half from Fairfield the score stood at 0-0 (Nil All). Then Marek and Tom came on and things started to spark up.Malik then set Ruben up and Ruben scored a fantastic finish in the top right corner on a wicked angle. Then they scored through some sloppy defence from our Midfield and Back Line. Ruben the scored again off Marek's cross but it was havoc in the penalty area as Ruben hit the goalie in the legs it rebounded onto Ruben's legs and went in! Some MAGIC from Marek and Malik set Eli up to score a pretty choice finish! Our final score was 3-1 to Fairfield it was a tight but good game.
Goal of the match was Ruben's Nani like goal (The First One)

Catch Ya


Monday, May 18, 2009

The sad truth behind Italia

Italia might have won the world cup 4 times but the fourth it was a shocker! A dramatic final and a pathetic round of 16 game! This is how Italia trained for there match against Australia (Socceroos)! Fabio Grosso did a dive and Italia got a penalty which they scored to make it 1-1 and then they won on penalties. Australia Rock!

Makes me sick, what about you?

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Perfect Sniper

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gordon Banks The Stunner

Englands Best ever goalkeeper. Look at this save! Sorry about poor quality

Amazing Football

Look at this. It is the most amazing football i have ever seen!
Courtesy of Winged Hussar for telling me about the Fifa Street one

Break Dancing Fifa Street

Soccer should be played like this!

Fifa Street Original

Thierry Henry Joga Bonito

More of the beautiful game... Got to love it!

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Perfect Sniper

My First And Second Favourite Teams

As you all know I used to support Manchester United. But I got over them and now i support Liverpool and AC Milan (Like Malik). My favourite player in Liverpool is probably Javier Mascherano. My favourite player in AC Milan is Kaka and I have tops for both of them! Here are some videos of these legends!




There you have it

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Perfect Sniper

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Arshavin's This Year So Far Again

Malik (First And Second Eleven)= 2/5/09 And 9/5/09
Marek (First Xl)= 9/5/09
James (First Xl)= 16/5/09

Fairfield-6 Vs Hillcrest-1

Today (16/5/09) Fairfield Intermediate First Eleven Boys played Hillcrest United Falcons. After a great start James put us on the board first with a chip from roughly 20 metres out. He then scored again the same way but from about 15 metres out. Then Campbell put in a great cross which Marek then tucked away neatly in the top corner. Campbell put in another great cross which was finished by Malik elegantly! James then scored another 2 beautiful goals! The end score was 6-1 to us. There only goal was some pathetic defence from our backs! Player of the day was Campbell.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Maradona Hand Of God

Mr Woody talks about cheats. Well take a look at Diego Maradona he is a drug using hand balling cheater!He made my favourite international team lose through this blatant attempt to sabotage the match!

Look at the video below

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Perfect Sniper

Soccer Repz

W000000000000000000000000000000t I am in the Waikato Representative side for soccer. Malik and Luke are also in the Reps and they are both in our class. One of the kids that we have in our class today (Because his class is away) is also in the reps his name is Luke. Hopefully we have a good season and win all our tournaments!

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Perfect Sniper

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Running At Camridge

Hey Guys I had running in Cambridge it was a three kilometer relay. Our team consisted of Me (MAREK) David Nyika and Jacob Priddey. Jacob had the fastest time with 12:09, Marek was second with 12:11 and David got 12:28 we smashed the other teams by 3 minutes. Each of us had to do 3 kilometers and by the end we were stuffed but it was fun and its just getting me closer to my dream of going to the Olympics for 1500mtrs!

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Perfect Sniper

This little tiger is so cute and would whoop me at running!

Arshavin's This Year So Far

Malik (First And Second Eleven)= 2/5/09 And 9/5/09
Marek (First Xl)= 9/5/09

FIS 1st Xl Boys Soccer Team VS Southwell Hotshots

Today (9/5/09) Fairfield Intermediate School Boys 1st Xl played Southwell hotshots. After and awesome first half we saw ourselves up 6-0 Marek scoring three of those goals and Malik scoring two and Ruben Bagging one. An awesome start to the second half with the first goal from Ruben with in the first 10 seconds great set up by James and Marek! Ruben then bagged a second a header from Luke's mean corner. So with Ruben and Marek bagging hat-tricks it look as if Malik was going up as well when he did a superb solo run for 40mtrs before slotting it around the keeper f0r his hat-trick!!! Marek then received a cross from Luke which was put away neatly in the bottom corner! Luke then showed some magic of his own doing a little step over and banging it past the keeper for number 11. Final score was 11-0 to us (Fairfield) Great game all round player of the day was: THE TEAM! well deserved!!!

Special Mentions to:

Malik for getting a hat-trick on his debut for the First Xl (NOTE: He also got 4 goals on his debut for the second 11 and he got 3 for the seconds today as well) Congratulations Malik!

Marek: For getting 4 goals like Arshavin and for scoring from a corner before the game (Ask Malik for proof!)

Luke: For setting up 5 goals and getting a stunner of his own!!!

Lance: For his first clean sheet of the season (NOT THAT IT WAS HARD TODAY) Lol Jokes!

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Perfect Sniper Or Mareka

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Sustainability Blog

Check out my sustainability blog it owns feel free to follow it!


Perfect Sniper

Monday, May 4, 2009

Red Bull Rampage

The Red Bull Rampage is the best mountain biking event ever it is the hardest courses and more often than not people get owned!!!!

Check out my vid at the bottom of my page!!!

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Perfect Sniper

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Man United 1 Arsenal 0

Today (30/4/09) Man United Played Arsenal at old Trafford sadly Arsenal had not scored there for 2 years and today it was not to change. With a tight first 10 minutes not much was achieved but when Arsenal gave away a corner after a ferocious shot from Carlos Tevez. C Ronaldo hit in a beautiful corner which was hit back across by Michael Carrick then John O'shea Hit it in the top of the net to make the score 1 nil to Man United. Unfortunately Samir Nasri was not marking anyone and John O'Shea was not marked!!! The rest of the first half was scoreless. Straight into the second half Arsenal came out with all guns firing and had 3 shots on goal in 1 minute sadly none of them were converted into goals! Then Carlos Tevez got a break away and followed through on his challenge on Marcus Aluminia and got yellow carded no more action in the second half so the score stayed 1 nil to Man United.

Here is a pic of your goalscorer

Hope they go better in the second leg which is on the 6th of May 2009

Catch Ya

Sportsta 1

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Habits Of Mind

The 16 habits of mind

Persistence: Stick to what you are doing and never give up when the going gets tough.

Managing impulsivity: Think before doing things and take your time to achieve the best you can.

Listening with understanding: Listen to others, make an effort to help someone out when they need your help.

Thinking Flexibly: Think outside the square, don’t just look at it the way it is look at things another way.

Thinking about thinking (Metacognition): Be aware of things before you do them understand what you are thinking about.

Striving for accuracy: Do your best and give everything one hundred percent, set high standards for yourself.

Applying past knowledge: Use the knowledge that is already in that brain of yours, think back to things that you have seen or done and use that experience to your advantage.

Questioning and posing problems: Have a questioning attitude, how did you do that, how do you know?

Thinking and Communicating with clarity and precision: Strive for accurate communication either written or oral, Be clear and set high standards.

Gathering Data through all senses: Pay attention to the world it has its benefits. By knowing what is going around you. You have an advantage in later life.

Creating, imagining and innovating: Create new ideas, there are different ways to do things!

Responding with wonderment and awe: Have fun whilst doing work, make the most of the opportunities that you are giving.

Taking responsible risks: Be adventurous bend the boundaries and try new things!

Finding humor: Laugh a little, be able to laugh at yourself and if someone puts you down don’t take it seriously just laugh!

Thinking interpedently: Be able to work together being able to work in a group has its advantages.

Remaining open to continuous learning: Learn from your experiences. Have pride when you don’t know and be willing to learn new things!

I hope this is what Mr Woody wanted!

Laterz Sportsta1

Friday, April 3, 2009

Mean Signatures 2

These are some signatures i made in my spare time

The Person In White Is Sergio Ramos and the person in red is Fernando Torres

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cats With Guns

HAHAHA Look at this cat with and AK-47 i wish i had one

Cute Animals SOoooooooooooooooo Cute!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Saint Patricks Day Sign

Google is awesome look at what they made for saint patricks day! Now go get drunk in the spirit of the holiday!!! But when you do please bring me a pot of gold!!!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Running Whoop

Today at Porrit Stadium at 1.20pm I had a 1500m Race for WBOP Athletic champs.
I got 4th in a time of 4.55 missing out on a medal by 1 second *GRRRRR*
Former FIS Student Drikus Conradie won it in a time of 4.50 so i guess it just means
i am not good on the track because i can whoop him in road running and
cross country LOL Not to take away his shine because he ran mean!!!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Camp W00t and cricket

Yay we are going to camp tomorrow and do not worry i have not forgot to pack cricket stuff!!!!!!!
and i suppose you would like to know my cricket score well here it is:

We owned Cambridge by 33 runs solid batting by Jonathan.L and Sam.H and Shaan. S P
saw us through to 174 from our 35 overs we limited Cambridge to 141 from 35 overs with
great bowling from Jonathan.L and Keenan.M and Shaan.S P those who picked up either one wicket or none still bowled quite well but not very good in the field.

Final score

Cambridge- 141/7 from 35
Fairfield- 174/5 from 35

Win to Fairfield

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Favourite Artist

My Favourite Artist Is Leanardo Da Vinci

He was a great inventor aswell as a famous artist

he painted famous pictures like the Mona Lisa and Scream
Here are some Statistics On Him
Birth name: Leonardo di Ser Piero
Born: April 15, 1452
Died: May 2, 1519 (aged 67)
Natonality: Italian
Here our pictures of those two paintings Scream-(right) Mona Lisa-(left)

Cool signature

Look at these mean signatures my cousin Made for XBOX Live

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Get This yesterday I won a 200 metre race at Porrit Stadium and got named club champion and i didnt even know i was any good at sprints HAHAHA!!!

If you want to join up its at Porrit Stadium on mondays at 5:30pm-7:00pm cost for 10 weeks of training is $75



Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Favourite Soccer Player

My Favourite Soccer player is definitely Sergio Ramos he is a 22 year old defender for Real Madrid he also plays in the Spanish national side he is a right back

This is his Wkipedia Link:

Friday, February 27, 2009

My Signature

Hey guys if I can this will be at the end of all my posts its kind of what i call a signature! =)


Meep Meep


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What's this thing called stress?

What kind of things push your buttons or make you want to curl up and hide from the world? I am interested to hear your comments and whether there are different stresses at different times of our lives. Are the stresses the same in your culture as in mine? Whats important to you that isn't to the people around you and how does that make you feel?

Please join in this discussion...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First Xl Game Vs St Peters (Cambridge)

On Saturday the 14th of February the Fairfield First Xl Cricket team played St Peters from Cambridge (Waikato, NZ). Fairfield batted first and rather poorly. The only good innings coming from George W.. In total we scored 106 runs. St Peters batted poorly as well. Fairfield managed finished them off for 41 Good bowling from Marek S (3/6)and Shaan S- P (3/7) with good follow ups from Keenan Mcl and Suveer D saw Fairfield pull of the victory. Great stuff guys. Keep it up.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Woodmonsta

Hey Room 18 Woodmonstas this is my Woodmonsta

Information on Turinafia

Name: Turinafia

Age: ?

DOB: ?

Habitat: Rubbish Dumps and wastelands

Weapons: Nuclear Bomb launcher, Flamethrower, Poison Gun, Spike Claws, Gatling gun

Enemys: Fellow Room 18 woodmonstas

Preys on: Anything that is metal that moves

Nickname: The Destroyer

IQ: 10

LOL this is only a brief destruction but here is some advice do not pick a fight with him