Friday, February 27, 2009

My Signature

Hey guys if I can this will be at the end of all my posts its kind of what i call a signature! =)


Meep Meep


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What's this thing called stress?

What kind of things push your buttons or make you want to curl up and hide from the world? I am interested to hear your comments and whether there are different stresses at different times of our lives. Are the stresses the same in your culture as in mine? Whats important to you that isn't to the people around you and how does that make you feel?

Please join in this discussion...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First Xl Game Vs St Peters (Cambridge)

On Saturday the 14th of February the Fairfield First Xl Cricket team played St Peters from Cambridge (Waikato, NZ). Fairfield batted first and rather poorly. The only good innings coming from George W.. In total we scored 106 runs. St Peters batted poorly as well. Fairfield managed finished them off for 41 Good bowling from Marek S (3/6)and Shaan S- P (3/7) with good follow ups from Keenan Mcl and Suveer D saw Fairfield pull of the victory. Great stuff guys. Keep it up.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Woodmonsta

Hey Room 18 Woodmonstas this is my Woodmonsta

Information on Turinafia

Name: Turinafia

Age: ?

DOB: ?

Habitat: Rubbish Dumps and wastelands

Weapons: Nuclear Bomb launcher, Flamethrower, Poison Gun, Spike Claws, Gatling gun

Enemys: Fellow Room 18 woodmonstas

Preys on: Anything that is metal that moves

Nickname: The Destroyer

IQ: 10

LOL this is only a brief destruction but here is some advice do not pick a fight with him

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hey Guys I just did a bit of research on Bullying. There is one major thing that surprised me the after effects of being bullied. Many people suffer because they did not tell anyone. So please if you think you are being bullied tell Mr Woody because he can stop it and if you do not speak up now you may get hurt physically or mentally and as a fellow classmate I do not want anyone in our class getting hurt. Just thought i would let you know! =]

Hey Room 18 Woodmonstaz send me a message if you have got a blog i would like to follow anyone's blog who has one! Have a good day Mareka

Monday, February 9, 2009

My Running

Hey as you all may know I am pretty good at running I have achieved many great things whilst running I have got 3rd in the New Zealand Road running Champs, 3rd In the WBOP Road running champs, 3rd in the WBOP cross country champs, 1st in Poverty bay champs and i won all my school cross countries and Interschool Cross countries. So I guess the best is still yet to come hey maybe even one day I will end up like this guy. <-----------(Nick Willis)

Room 18 Gangstaz

Room 18 is the meanest class we have an awesome teacher called Mr Woodcock he is really into spelling (YAY) P.E (YAY) Computers (YAY) and Class Pets (YAAAAAAAAAY).
I hope i have a good last year and i will try to make sure everyone else does


The New Kid is here

Hello My Name Is Marek and i am kid of new to this kind of thing i hope you like my page and basically have a good time