Monday, February 9, 2009

Room 18 Gangstaz

Room 18 is the meanest class we have an awesome teacher called Mr Woodcock he is really into spelling (YAY) P.E (YAY) Computers (YAY) and Class Pets (YAAAAAAAAAY).
I hope i have a good last year and i will try to make sure everyone else does



  1. Fantastic! This is a great blog, Roadrunner.
    Thanks for your positive feedback. I hope you enjoy your year with us in Room18.
    p.s. Keep running!
    p.p.s. Don't share your friend's real names online either

  2. This is such cool blog "Roadrunner"
    you should go have look at my blog!
    i am "miss south africa", you can probably guess who i am!

  3. Hi road runner cool blog an i've just followed your blog so do the same to me LOL See ya MYSTERY MAN IS OUT!!!!!