Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cool Thing

Yay My first post with that reaction thing under it LOL

Saturday, June 20, 2009

He is Back

Yaya Mr Webb let me back in the first eleven I am so happy and he said i had a good practice yesterday but I cant play this weekend because i made a commitment to the second eleven and Next Week i have the North Island Cross Country Champs in Taupo so no soccer that day =(. But still i am happy because i am BACK!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nick Willis

This guy is the man!!! Nick Willis is a 1500mtr runner from our little country New Zealand! He got a bronze in Beijing in 2008 in the 1500m final of the olympics. He also got a gold in the commonwealth games in 2006. I have met him once and that was at Porritt Stadium he was an intresting character and really nice to all the kids. He signed a poster for me and he judged the 400mtr race which i won by about 30mtrs.
So now you cant tell me that I have not met my hero! So out of this expierence all I can say is look out Nick Willis becasue Marek is on his way up!

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Road Runner

Spain-5 Vs New Zealand-0

On the 15th of June 2009 New Zealand played Spain in Johannessburg, South Africa.
A Good spain side well infact one of the strongest in years set out to destroy a weak New Zealand side. New Zealand was without the Blackburn captain Ryan Nelsen so they were really dead in this match. Fernando Torres the best striker in the world had a stunning match picking up his first goal in the 6th minute from there New Zealand were looking quite poor. Fernando Torres picked up his second in the 14th minute and it was bassically a tap in for someone as good as him! In the 17th Minute Torres got a fabulous header in the top corner and New Zealand's keeper Glen Moss was distraught!
In the 24th minute Francesc Fabregas was set up with the easiest goal of his career a tap into an open goal! From there New Zealand looked doomed! 3 minutes into extra time in the first half saw David Villa slot one away after one of New Zealand's defenders went to kick it but missed it completly.That made the half time score 5-0 to spain. A stronger second half from New Zealand saw Spain score no more goals. But the thing they score was loads of free kicks from New Zealands desperate defence. The Final score was 5-0 to spain!

Goal Sheet
Goals : Spain - Fernando Torres 6, Fernando Torres 14, Fernando Torres 17, Cesc Fabregas 24, David Villa 48

Friday, June 12, 2009

Cool Signature

Here is a quick one of Road Runner

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fairfield-1 Peachgrove-1

Today (6/6/09) Fairfield played Peachgrove at Peachgrove a good strong start saw Peachgrove under constant pressure and by doing this they started to play silly balls. Soon into the game Marek was gifted with an opportunity to score but just put it wide. Not soon after Luke played Marek in and Marek back heeled it to Ruben who then scored a pretty sweet goal! Peachgrove then replied well putting Fairfield under constant pressure and by doing this we made too many mistakes! James gave us a bit of hope just putting the ball wide and we were denied by the woodwork 3 times. Peachgrove picked it up again and put one past us well just past Lance actually but he still played mean. Some desperate efforts from Fairfield saw us have like 20 chances in the last 3 minutes but a draw was the final result. Great game from both sides!!!

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Friday, June 5, 2009

50th Post

My fiftieth post on Blogger w0000t a big 50 to me I am going to throw a party in my head LOL yayayayayayaya

Class Camping Expierence

Since we are not going on the ski trip anymore (Which kinda sucks especially for Bobby dogs) I had the shizzle my nizzle idea of going on a class camp!!! Just think of it we could learn about the outdoors, sleep in tents, go hiking, go fishing and be outside all day!!! I guess it is not as great as skiing for some people but it is better than a week at school isn't it? We could eat marshmallows over the campfire and tell great stories like our ancestors!!! We could find a clearing and improvise playing bull rush, rugby, soccer and netball or bench ball. Would it not be divine? It also would help the more unfit and indoor kind of children in our class boost there outdoor morale!!! It would be sweet and help show us how many kids have to live everyday and help us with living sustainably for our Matai island work. Ms McConnell could come and about 5 parents to help out but without your interest this is not possible so please vote in my poll!!!

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Micheal Carrick