Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fairfield-1 Peachgrove-1

Today (6/6/09) Fairfield played Peachgrove at Peachgrove a good strong start saw Peachgrove under constant pressure and by doing this they started to play silly balls. Soon into the game Marek was gifted with an opportunity to score but just put it wide. Not soon after Luke played Marek in and Marek back heeled it to Ruben who then scored a pretty sweet goal! Peachgrove then replied well putting Fairfield under constant pressure and by doing this we made too many mistakes! James gave us a bit of hope just putting the ball wide and we were denied by the woodwork 3 times. Peachgrove picked it up again and put one past us well just past Lance actually but he still played mean. Some desperate efforts from Fairfield saw us have like 20 chances in the last 3 minutes but a draw was the final result. Great game from both sides!!!

Catch Ya

Micheal Carrick 4 life


  1. OMG I cant believe we tied with Peachgrove lolz. We should'ave won. LOLZ CATCHA LATER! AND REMEMBER.... LIVERPOOL AND AC MILAN!!! WE'VE GOT IT!!!!! AHAHAH LOLZ THATS CRACK UP.

  2. You Know this part, Good Prices, We have got it!