Friday, June 5, 2009

Class Camping Expierence

Since we are not going on the ski trip anymore (Which kinda sucks especially for Bobby dogs) I had the shizzle my nizzle idea of going on a class camp!!! Just think of it we could learn about the outdoors, sleep in tents, go hiking, go fishing and be outside all day!!! I guess it is not as great as skiing for some people but it is better than a week at school isn't it? We could eat marshmallows over the campfire and tell great stories like our ancestors!!! We could find a clearing and improvise playing bull rush, rugby, soccer and netball or bench ball. Would it not be divine? It also would help the more unfit and indoor kind of children in our class boost there outdoor morale!!! It would be sweet and help show us how many kids have to live everyday and help us with living sustainably for our Matai island work. Ms McConnell could come and about 5 parents to help out but without your interest this is not possible so please vote in my poll!!!

Catch Ya

Micheal Carrick

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