Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hey Guys I just did a bit of research on Bullying. There is one major thing that surprised me the after effects of being bullied. Many people suffer because they did not tell anyone. So please if you think you are being bullied tell Mr Woody because he can stop it and if you do not speak up now you may get hurt physically or mentally and as a fellow classmate I do not want anyone in our class getting hurt. Just thought i would let you know! =]




    This website has some info on bullying. There are lots of reasons why bullies actually bully. Some bullies are victims themselves who really just want to be included in a group of people and accepted by them but they don't know how to build and maintain friendships. Often they have very low self esteem and feelings of self worth.

    In whatever shape or form bullying is unacceptable and the bullying behaviour must be changed to those that are acceptable socially and morally. It can take a long time to change people's behaviours but it can be done especially with a warm and supportive environment and back up crew. :]

  2. I think bullying should not be tolerated at schools and needs to be some consicquences