Thursday, April 9, 2009

Habits Of Mind

The 16 habits of mind

Persistence: Stick to what you are doing and never give up when the going gets tough.

Managing impulsivity: Think before doing things and take your time to achieve the best you can.

Listening with understanding: Listen to others, make an effort to help someone out when they need your help.

Thinking Flexibly: Think outside the square, don’t just look at it the way it is look at things another way.

Thinking about thinking (Metacognition): Be aware of things before you do them understand what you are thinking about.

Striving for accuracy: Do your best and give everything one hundred percent, set high standards for yourself.

Applying past knowledge: Use the knowledge that is already in that brain of yours, think back to things that you have seen or done and use that experience to your advantage.

Questioning and posing problems: Have a questioning attitude, how did you do that, how do you know?

Thinking and Communicating with clarity and precision: Strive for accurate communication either written or oral, Be clear and set high standards.

Gathering Data through all senses: Pay attention to the world it has its benefits. By knowing what is going around you. You have an advantage in later life.

Creating, imagining and innovating: Create new ideas, there are different ways to do things!

Responding with wonderment and awe: Have fun whilst doing work, make the most of the opportunities that you are giving.

Taking responsible risks: Be adventurous bend the boundaries and try new things!

Finding humor: Laugh a little, be able to laugh at yourself and if someone puts you down don’t take it seriously just laugh!

Thinking interpedently: Be able to work together being able to work in a group has its advantages.

Remaining open to continuous learning: Learn from your experiences. Have pride when you don’t know and be willing to learn new things!

I hope this is what Mr Woody wanted!

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