Thursday, April 30, 2009

Man United 1 Arsenal 0

Today (30/4/09) Man United Played Arsenal at old Trafford sadly Arsenal had not scored there for 2 years and today it was not to change. With a tight first 10 minutes not much was achieved but when Arsenal gave away a corner after a ferocious shot from Carlos Tevez. C Ronaldo hit in a beautiful corner which was hit back across by Michael Carrick then John O'shea Hit it in the top of the net to make the score 1 nil to Man United. Unfortunately Samir Nasri was not marking anyone and John O'Shea was not marked!!! The rest of the first half was scoreless. Straight into the second half Arsenal came out with all guns firing and had 3 shots on goal in 1 minute sadly none of them were converted into goals! Then Carlos Tevez got a break away and followed through on his challenge on Marcus Aluminia and got yellow carded no more action in the second half so the score stayed 1 nil to Man United.

Here is a pic of your goalscorer

Hope they go better in the second leg which is on the 6th of May 2009

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  1. oi when you said Hope they go better in the second leg which is on the 6th of May 2009 what team were u meaning. i hope arsenal win im honestly ganna cry if we lose i hope dont lose and win

  2. yes we have scored since 2 years ago i think im sure of it