Thursday, July 23, 2009

What I would like to do in 10 years

10 years from now I would like to be a professional runner. I would have hopefully got a scholarship to an American university on a Running Scholarship and be an accomplished runner as well as having a degree in Law (Criminal Law) and having learnt Spanish and Latin. I would be going to the 2020 Olympic 1500 metre championships. By the time I would retire from running my Law career would then be boosted into action. I would be a very successful lawyer and hopefully I would have enough money to retire at about 40. Man that would be sweet. If this did not work out I would be a homeless comedian!

Catch Ya

Road Runner

P.S I would also like to be a great soccer player and go to the Qatar 2022 world cup!That is if my other careers do not work out LOL

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  1. Good luck with your dream! I see a successful life ahead of you.