Saturday, March 7, 2009

Camp W00t and cricket

Yay we are going to camp tomorrow and do not worry i have not forgot to pack cricket stuff!!!!!!!
and i suppose you would like to know my cricket score well here it is:

We owned Cambridge by 33 runs solid batting by Jonathan.L and Sam.H and Shaan. S P
saw us through to 174 from our 35 overs we limited Cambridge to 141 from 35 overs with
great bowling from Jonathan.L and Keenan.M and Shaan.S P those who picked up either one wicket or none still bowled quite well but not very good in the field.

Final score

Cambridge- 141/7 from 35
Fairfield- 174/5 from 35

Win to Fairfield


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  2. Kewl. That must be fun to play cricket, I like watching.

    Camp was fun.