Saturday, May 30, 2009

Room 18 VS Room 2

On Friday (29/5/09) Room 18 played a kind of strong Room 2 side. After a good start Room 18 let them self down with some sloppy defence (If you guys want to complain feel free to I do not care). Some biased referring saw Marek get sent of (that is Me GRRR). Some more pretty average defence saw Room 2 score a great goal the biggest let down there was the defence and Mac (Our Keeper) was left with no chance! A good talk from Mac at half time saw Room 18 start to play as a team! Ben Shepperd scored a great goal soon after. Micaela saved the day as Raheem (A Room 2 kid) was left with and open goal to shoot at and she cleared it away! Some Great keeping from both sides saw the final score at 1-1. Good (I mean OK) game guys lift it next time!

If you have a complaint let me shoot you then see if you still do!

Catch Ya

Micheal Carrick 4 Life


  1. we played good what is wrong with you dissing us and u forgot to say i played raheem in the dying minutes then assisted the goal.And u cant say anythign u got send off noooob i got full rune

  2. IDC I dont play Runescape and if that is good i cant wait to see how we play on a bad day as far as i am concerned there were 5 People that played well and here they are: Josiah, Luke, Malik, Mac and Ben

  3. Lolz you didnt say asser!!! jokes and BTW I played (Rude word) in that game. I cant believe I missed that 1 on 1 because the ground was stuffed and made the ball bounce over my foot.

  4. No Worries Bro we all did rubbish part from Mac i mean i got sent off and i deserved it now i look back the finger was all i did wrong though the shoulder is debatable and it is allowed in football LOLZ


    P.S. the ground is Khara